Mind Your Manners in Social Networking : You Never Know What You’re In For

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“TKO : Choose Your Battles Wisely!”

Sometimes, there’s a thick musk in the air. Testosterone is spilling out all over this “Wild West” show we call the interwebs.

If we were walking down the street, much of what’s been said here would’ve gotten your teeth knocked out, so pay attention if you’re an online bully in the social media landscape.

Pay Closer Attention if You’re In Marketing.

Up till about 10 years ago, I was a professional fighter in the martial arts. I never lost a bout and I was fast. More than that, I was strategic in the psychological game that went on in the ring.

Do you know how many people you communicate with in social media are professional or skilled fighters, current or ex-military, law enforcement…or the ones who can really pack a punch, marketers?

Perhaps you’re someone who likes to strut around in this whiskey soaked landscape and dump your uneducated and unprovoked ramblings on. Maybe you like to push the hot buttons and get a rise out of people because you think it’s cool.

Or, more than likely, you’re just a piece of shit asshole with a piece of shit life.

Any way you cut it, you’re walking a thin line my little troll.

You’re About to Get Your Hair Lit on Fire

For all you fine folks out there, feel free to read through this story to gain some tactical defense strategies. For all the rest, use it as a good ole fashion lesson that you obviously weren’t given by your pap.

Right around three years ago, I showed up at a pretty popular marketing event to hang out with some good ole boys of the sales and marketing world. Little did I know, there’d be this dumpy, flabby sweatball there who’d talked some smack on me a while back.

You see, the Internet is a much smaller place than you may think. Flashback to 2009, a good friend of mine tells me of a guy who had been talkin’ shit on me at an event because you couldn’t understand how I made it look so easy to make it online, when he had “worked his ass off and barely got any results.”

I’ll tell you this, when I came face to face with this sweaty little meat bag a few years later, it was obvious he had worked off his manhood but, he still had plenty of ass dragging behind him.

Now, I’m not a confrontational guy and I figured he wouldn’t notice me standing there in the lobby of the sleazeball hotel we were in, but wouldn’t you know it.

He made a beeline straight for me. He had sweat pouring off his face. My marketing buddies were beginning to step back, not sure what was going to happen. He comes over to me to apologize for any wrong he had done.

I asked, “What do you mean?”, playing it off like it was no big deal. He goes on to talk about jealousy, envy and money lust and how he had lost everything in the process of trying to keep up with the “Jones’s” success.

Well, my name’s Yeager, not Jones…perhaps they’re a bit more forgiving than me.

Lesson One: You’re Best to let the confrontation die, instead of digging shit up!

As he “apologized” he pointed out all the things he despised about me.

That’s when a few big names in the industry interrupted and asked me out to dinner.

Dirtball offered to tag along…well, I’m sure you can guess what our answer to that was.

Here’s what I’m getting at. There is going to come a day when you will need the advice, guidance, friendship or partnership of folks you’re hating on. Well, just so you know, it’s all ready too late for you.

Now, for those of you how are marketers, I’m going to give you a little advice. For the bullies still steaming over this outing of your bullshit antics and childish ramblings, this is where your warning comes in.

You Will Crash and Burn Going Head to Head with Marketers Online in Social Media

Haters… do you KNOW what we all do for a living? Those you are hating on? Yep, the ones who have made a name and created a following for themselves. We make noise in a way that everyone will hear it.

We’re pretty damned good at it actually. Wouldn’t you know, we also work in a very SMALL industry where everyone ends up knowing one another at some point.

So, I want you to imagine this scenario for a moment.

You get into a heated slap fest with someone you love to dig on in your favorite social networking site. At the same time, you’re working on a couple of joint venture partnerships for a business idea you have.

These JV’s either:

  1. See your out of control ramblings and begin to ignore your calls
  2. Are friends with the person you are hounding and decide not to work with you
  3. Learn about your foolishness at the next big event where, they were just talking you and your project up to get all their buddies to promote it and someone says, “That guy’s a dick, do you know what he’s been doing?” and to save face, your new buddy with all his connections decides not to work with you.

I’ve witnessed this happen dozens of times, worse still… I’ve watched the defendants small, but powerful following demolish the other person as well.

There is no storyline here where you end out on top.

This is a Internet Marketing TKO for you.

There is even a sub-culture of the marketing world, growing daily, where they purposely band together to create long, drawn out campaigns to completely destroy your reputation.

You will not survive this. You will not know who they are. There is no course of action you can take to overcome it. You will fade from existence.

Our community can come up with decades worth of content, keyword optimized to your name, within a matter of hours!

Yes, we actually have the ability to even manufacture stories or scenarios that makes the media want to report about it. There is an entire industry of people who get paid, day in and day out, to manufacture media and manipulate the media to bend to their will.

Funny part is, it all starts with social media and small, little known blogs. Places that are EASY as hell to market through.

It takes no time at all to completely bury someone’s ability to overcome this.

Right now, I know a few marketers reading this thinking, “Holy shit, we could make a little underground business around this!”

Yes, yes you could. But, that’s not why I’m writing this.

There are no winners in this.

Sadly, there are no winners in this. Much time, money and anguish will be spent by all parties involved. There is no scenario where anyone comes out on top.

So, for all you who are being hated on, what do you do?

Ignore it. Your community will go to bat for you. Don’t respond. Do not give it attention. Simply let it go and here’s why.

Inherently, as human beings, we are wet wired to not like defensive people.

Once you become defensive, you become the bully.

If you allow the “people” to decide, they will mark the bully an outcast and ask you to remove them from your group or they will bury him with what we just discussed.

It doesn’t take long for a bully to disappear or lose all of his friends.

…there is another element that the haters, trolls and bullies need to think about. These folks are going to say something like, “Bob, you’ll just get into trouble. You could get sued. You might go to jail!”

Listen up, there’s many of us who come from an old school and we give two shits about what you think could happen to us as a result.

But, if you’ve been spending your time publicly hating and you run in the same circles or go to the same events as the folks you’re hating on, you might want to rethink that.

Not because you’ll be a social outcast. No…nothing like that.

Simply because, there are still a few thugs out there that are simply going to knock the teeth out of your smack talking little face. Sometimes, it’s best to keep your mouth shut or stay home.

I feel better.

P.S. So everyone is clear, nobody has been talking smack on me. I just have been reading from some folks I’m connected to that they are seriously thinking about closing shop or leaving social media because this type of thing has been stressing them out and upsetting them. Just block, report and leave them to the pack…your pack will take care of you

Bob Yeager

Bob Yeager

Recognized as a formidable sales trainer and professional, the famed Billy Mays began to train Bob in the art of the pitch and trade show events. In 1998, Bob began to travel across the U.S. selling tickets to sold out Jim Rohn events with nothing but his car and $500 in his pocket. He returned with over $380,000 in commissions in his bank account.If Bob isn’t working on your or his clients’ campaigns, you can find him in his garage with his kids, wrenching on their next project. Bob has also been a practitioner and world competitor in the martial arts beginning at the early age of only 3 years old. Within this profession, at the age of 12, Bob was selling $10K meditation training programs to rooms filled with nearly 3000 martial arts masters around the world. NOTE: He’s also a typical redneck and accepts the label kindly
Bob Yeager

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