Ruthless Marketing is Mobilizing Your Market to Take Action with a People-First Approach

There are too many similarities among the rollout and success of:

  • Political Campaigns
  • Getting a Brand Recognized
  • Fundraising Efforts for Non-Profits and Advocacy Groups
  • Marketing Fortune 500 Companies
  • And Compelling a Market to Stand Up and Rave about a Product or Service

… that you can’t possibly ignore them.

Both Lee and Bob’s roots (in sales, marketing and research) stem from a combination of all these types of promotional professions for over 20 years.


“We don’t just ‘do-marketing’ for people, we connect people to brands and messages that impact markets, voters and donors with a people-first approach.” – Bob Yeager

The marketing field is growing from day to day. The space is getting more competitive, which leads to more dangers than ever before. In today’s competitive marketplace, attention is the new currency.

Understanding and constructing the systems and operations, advertising, leveraging and collecting data, while then turning these functions into a deliverable message people want to hear is key to any successful campaign.

Many will boast they’ve been in the marketing spectrum since 2004, 2008 or 2010, whether for business, grass roots, advocacy or politics…

Lee Collins got started in this arena in 1998 with the prestigious Bank of America and Bob Yeager started his journey in 1996 with the famed Billy Mays and Jim Rohn.

Many of today’s digital marketing and direct response campaign efforts were LITERALLY pioneered from these two, behind the curtain marketing mavericks before modern society had a name for digital direct response marketing.

Ruthless Marketing isn’t about cut throat marketing methods, it’s about doing what your competitors won’t because we want to focus on people-first and make an impact on our clients’ market, while having the tools and data to drive a successful marketing effort.


Being “Ruthless” in our marketing is about surviving for a combined 40 years in the industry without revealing many of our clients, in order to spotlight them and not us.

Being “Ruthless” in YOUR marketing is about captivating and providing value to the people in your market, on a mass scale; quickly, effectively and nationally while creating raving fans…not just customers, clients, voters or donors.

Ruthless Marketing performs with claws out, fending off the unsavory competitors in your market space who have been taking advantage of the people in your niche or marketplace.”
– Lee Collins