ruth·less [rooth-lis] (adj)

1. Being assertive and taking success into your own hands instead of sitting idly by waiting for something to happen.
2. The exact OPPOSITE of the ever-popular “Hope Marketing”, where you build an offer and hope people beat a path to your door or website to buy it.
3. Marketing without excuses or apologies, not being timid or afraid to spread your message far and wide. Being everywhere all the time.

“If your competitors are incorporating the killer instinct and victimizing you, then you do not have the luxury of avoiding the topic.”

Hi, I’m Lee Collins, founder of Ruthless Marketing.

Since 1999, my companies have produced millions of dollars for our clients and strategic partners. With Ruthless Marketing, you get over 40 years of combined experience of working with clients of all shapes and sizes from the local burger joint to the Pittsburgh Steelers, and everyone in between.

What makes us different? By the time other people start doing what we’ve been doing, we’ve already moved on.

We are the people you call to get shit done. Ready to grow your business faster? Better call Ruthless.

Important: Ruthless Marketing works on a fixed-fee basis and receives partial compensation in company equity. We do this so your interests and ours are always in alignment.